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SOULSCREAM – Our beloved society: how to deal with “azerbots” ?

There are people in Baku, whom I am thankful for helping me out through the years. There are also those, whom I love and respect very much. There are even those who influenced me, but they dont know it themselves.

And, there are lots of others, who think they are patriots from top to bottom, but in fact, they are nothing but “human insects”, which are so narrow minded, I almost feel like a genius when talking to them.

This is going to be a nasty post, so you’ll have to excuse me. Last night, a friend on Facebook sent me a link, for some “Eurovision” related page, and I joined in. After reading some discussions there (people from various countries participated, azeris included), I decided to join in. A few things that I wrote there were:

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Martial arts, Basketball, and Websites: how egoism and team play collide in you

I vividly remember one of the main reasons I quit practicing and doing martial arts (shotokan karate do) about 12 years ago – it didn’t feel right. I’ve always enjoyed it (still love watching martial arts films and occasionally watch mixed martial arts fights), but at that time it seemed like egoism to me.

I earned my green belt, and then quit it. I felt I needed something else. One way to put it, I wanted to be a part of something big. That “something big” turned out to be basketball.

Now, I am no 7 foot giant (only 5’10 to be exact), but I played with heart for 7 years or so, after wrapping things up with karate. I was good for only a couple of things: I was a fairly good 3-point shot, and I loved playing in the paint, grabbing every rebound I could reach for. Everything else was pretty mediocre – my zone shot was poor, I was an awful dribbler (although could run pretty fast) and my stamina could have been a lot better. Anyway, basketball made me a team player, made me realize that even the best player cannot take it all up on his own (Wilt Chamberlain’s case).

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Facebook takedown: A solution to addiction or the road to chaos?

If you’re on the ball, you probably already heard or read the news about hackers announcing the “end” of Facebook on November 5th. This, of course, might be sad news to most people who can be considered “facebook addicts”, to others its just another childish statement. While we still got time till the given date, let’s see what happens if the Facebook does get shutdown. Below is the news itself:

“Vigilante hacking group, Anonymous, says they plan to take down Facebook on November 5th, saying that Facebook “gives users the illusion of and hides the details away from them ‘for their own good’ while they then make millions off of you.”

“Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world,” Anonymous said in a statement, “… Changing the privacy settings to make your Facebook account more “private” is also a delusion. Facebook knows more about you than your family.”

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Day by day remarks: open thoughts and a new idea

It’s nice to be learning something new every day. When I was younger, I wasn’t really interested in that. Last couple of years – I’ve changed my opinion on learning (mostly due to my exhausting work schedule). Some people say that “you won’t know the taste, unless you taste it yourself” – now, this can be said about almost anything, and its true as well.

I’ve stumbled upon another problem – if yesterday I was too lazy to learn something new, then today I simply lack time to learn something new, even if I want to. On the other hand, (I’ve read this in one of these filmmaking books that I bought on Amazon) – “You MAKE your own time”. This phrase is just as hard as a straight punch to the face. If you want to learn something – make your own time, and try your best to do what you got to do.

Some time ago, I wrote a post about some of my websites. And, couple of days ago, another “bright” idea struck me in the head, and (thank god, I did not delete those domains for good) I’ve decided to use one of those inactive websites for a new project.

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“Eurovision-2011” winners visited our office… and the outcome was…

Couple of days ago, “Eurovision-2011” winners Eldar Gasymov and Nigar Jamal visited our office. No, not because they really wanted to, and no, we didnt pay them to stop by. They were invited to participate in an online radio discussion.

So anyway, they came in, as usual talked about how busy they are these days, and so on. It was nice to see them – afterall they won, and in some sense, made the country of Azerbaijan a little richer – imagine all the tourists coming in next year!

Among the questions that Eldar and Nigar were asked was one about popularity…that “the popularity of a Eurovision singer lasts for only one year…”, I caught myself thinking that this in fact is really sad.

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SOULSCREAM: “The Vortex Reality”

I believe, there is a special category of people who only partially exist in reality. What I mean, is that they have their own world, a sacred place so to speak. A place, which is rarely seen or felt by someone else, who doesn’t belong there. To me, it looks like a vortex of different thoughts, emotions, dreams, feelings, and actions all mixed up together.

When a child (we’ll take a male as an example) is born, he is slowly being brought up in the real world that his parents (or whoever takes care of him) know of. As far as the vortex goes, it’s a very unique thing, that, I believe, comes, as the times goes by. Not always, of course. A need in vortex starts to shape up, when a man feels the real world is pushing him away in one way or another (be it his personal problems or something else).

In fact, he has a few choices here, that he can undertake to “stay on track” (we’re all aware of those, so no need to mention them). However, these choises have zero effect on some people, so they are in desperate need for something else.

Something ELSE. That something else is – the vortex reality.

Slowly, piece by piece, a man starts building up his own vortex reality. Vortex reality has no shape or meaning or form. Anyone seen John Carpenter’s “The Thing”? If not – its a movie about a bunch of scientists in the Antarctic, where they are forced to battle a shapeless, formless alien that assumes the appearance of the people that it kills. As scary as it may sound – the vortex reality is pretty much the same thing. A man creates it by himself, not being able to see it, or feel it, and in time, it takes over “the creator”, like a painless virus.

In many ways, vortex reality is a painkiller of some sort, that allows people to see or feel different things in different shapes. Mostly, this happens to artistic/creative people, who have rich imagination. In reality a man sees one thing, in the vortex reality he sees the same thing, but with a completely different meaning. Needless to say, such people are extremely sensual, quite stubborn at times, and are afraid to lose control.

As far as socialization goes, vortex reality hurts people. It sometimes prevents “the carrier” from staying in touch with reality, with real people. The key here, is to maintain the balance, which is hard to do at first. If the vortex develops further, it gets easier from there. If the man fails to maintain this balance…its a very thin line between sanity and insanity.

I personally believe that there’s no “cure” from this vortex reality, as it sticks with you, even after you’ve gone up a few steps in life (got a promotion, got married, etc). You exist of course, but you are not able to escape the vortex reality, as it sucks you dry as a drug. Most people do not know what to call it (might as well call it something else besides “vortex reality”), and they do their best to hide it. The best advice here would be… – maintain your balance in real life, not in “vortex reality” If you fall for it once, it will never go away, you’ll just stop noticing it as the time goes by.

PS: This is purely my own understanding of “all this”, no one has to agree with me, especially those who do not have a freaking clue what I am talking about here. It’s not perfect, it’s just the way I see and feel it.


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SOULSCREAM: Expressing thoughts openly in all languages…not

Okay, so a few days back, i caught myself thinking that languages are a lot more different than I thought they were. I am saying this because i found out its easier (personally for me) to express my thoughts in English, rather than in other languages that I am fluent in. This is strange, but I’ll try to explain.

If i am having a thought, that i want to express (and CAN express clearly), but for some reason, its easier for me to say/write it in English, then in, say, Russian. The point of thought is the same, but when you say it in English its easier.I believe, its because English, to me, is still an alien language, and its more fluid, maybe that’s why its easier.

If visualizing this, then Russian language would be a chair i sit on, or a bed that i sleep in.English language would be a wind outside my window. All of the mentioned above are needed, yet they’re very different. Okay, the comparison sucks, i know, but that’s how i feel it and envision it. And besides… you have to like the language to talk in it. Old rules still apply.


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