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Azerbaijani show-business going bananas…

I am not going to comment on show-business as a whole, will stick to our local Azerbaijani show-biz here. Sometimes, our “stage stars” make these pathetic, useless comments that the press just swallows, and then spits out to the usual readers.

I’ll give a small example. Not so long ago, one of our national artists, singer Aybeniz Hashimova made a jaw-dropping statement, while being on a local TV-show. Basically, what she said was that most of our young singers suck, and her daughter (also singer) Aynishan is the next big thing.

“First of all, these singers are pathetic. They try to ruin my daughter’s career, and I know, that one day, God will punish them all for this. They are scared to say something to my face, so its all being done behind my back. They’re all worthless, compared to my daughter. No matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to do anything to her. One day, she will even get an Oscar, you’ll see. I think, they all need to undergo some treatment in a psychiatric hospital.”

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SELFTALK – passing of Amy Winehouse

Yesterday we all heard about the sudden passing of Amy Winehouse. No one’s going to argue that the singer had a lot of fans all over the world, who were shocked by hear death, as well as other well-known celebrities. Below is a little self-interview I wrote, on this topic.

Were you shocked by the news?

To be honest, I was on Facebook, when one of my friends wrote this newsflash, and I was stunned for a minute or two, but I cannot say I was shocked. Everyone knew how Winehouse was, so it’s not like this was a huge shock to anyone.

Can you call yourself a fan of Winehouse or her music?

I believe, no one in their right state of mind would be a fan of a reportedly drug and alcohol addict. On the other hand, Amy’s talant was undeniable, and a lot of people, including me, respected that. After all, she did not win those Emmies for nothing. I dont call myself a fan, but I definitely had respect for what Amy did on stage.

Anyone you can name, who can take her place?

First of all, the singer has just passed away, I think its wrong at this time to talk about someone taking her place. Besides, I am not a big music fan so, I cant think of anyone who can just take her place right away. In my opinion, her death, aside from being a tragedy, should be a lesson to those, who “fly too close to the sun, and get burned”. Like I said on Facebook yesterday, this is the other side of showbusiness – you become a star, then, if you’re lucky you become a superstar, and you get these “addictions”, that slowly, as the time goes on, overtake you. And if you are not able to shake them off, or there are no people around you to help out, you just basically get “eaten alive” by these addictions. I believe, this is what happened to Winehouse. So, other showbiz stars should learn their lesson, and take care of themselves a little better, if not for the fans and the business, then just for themselves.

Many people believe that her music will be in even higher demand after this, let alone the dvd sales…

This might be true, as the same happened with Michael Jackson. That’s just the way people are, and that’s the way show-business works these days. The main point here is that a person has to have a head on shoulders, and try to maintain as much balance in life as possible, otherwise this can lead to unexpected consequences.

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