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Research: Facebook and Twitter fall behind Google in driving traffic to websites

According to the latest research, when it comes down to driving traffic to your website, social media giants like Facebook and Twitter suck at it. That’s what “OutBrain” company’s report says (originally posted on WebProNews).

The report is based on the fact that social media websites do not drive traffic to websites like search engines do. In fact, they’re not even close.

In other words, all these “likes” and “retweets” are good, but not as good as a user who googles something, stumbles upon your website and clicks on the link. “OutBrain” research also states that in case with social networks, users there, most of the time, just read the headlines, and don’t click on it (sometimes same applies to “liking” and “retweeting”).

So, with all that said, Google is a clear leader here. When people search, they usually click a result, which takes them to a webpage/site, in other words, traffic driving has occurred. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mutant fruits and fake money… – PHOTOS

I clearly remember a year or two ago, I did not have this habit. Well, now I do – occasionally I photograph some things that happen around me, at work, at home, doesn’t matter, and I share them. In this post, I’ll share some of the latest ones with the readers.

First one. People in our office usually have their lunch breaks. Some prefer eating in the kitchen, others (like me) eat right at the office table, due to lack of free time. Anyway, that day, I decided to take a couple of shots of this giant mutant tomato, that our girls in the office brutally cut to pieces, and ate it afterwards. I dont remember seeing this big tomato in a while. Take a look at the pics below.

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New joint project – “Internet Streets”

A few days ago I posted some brief info about Weird Paper, that I’ve created. In this post, I would like to introduce another creation of mine – “Internet Streets” project. Well, in fact, the project is not mine completely.

I had this idea for a while, and one day I met a few interesting people on an internet marketing forum. So, I decided to pitch this idea to them, and see if they would agree to work with me. It worked. So, we put up the site, and now you can see it at:

I’ll give you a little introduction – “Internet Streets” is a website with a few categories, that are being run by several people (me, and those guys I work with). So basically, its an online website, where everyone has his “street”, and write on a specific subject.

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Indian mobile phones available in Baku? Yep, looks like it.

Not so long ago, I noticed that one of our female co-workers has a strange phone, of unique type I’ve never seen before. The phone name “Micromax” didn’t ring the bell, so I googled it, and found out that its an Indian phone. The company’s website looks quite nice, and there are lots of other models available as well.

Now, I’d like to point out that this is not a cheap one-post advertising for Micromax, so don’t even go there. Just a post on something I thought was interesting, since, according to this female co-worker of mine, there are no such mobile phones in Baku (probably in Azerbaijan as well). Elite phones here are BlackBerries and IPhones. I stick to old Nokias. Yay! And, while we’re here, check out the “Micromax” phone photos that I shot below. Read the rest of this entry »

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SOULSCREAM: Jean Claude Van Damme vs Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton…

Couple of days ago, while at work, I’ve stumbled on some news, that Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham will reportedly visit Baku. Got your attention huh? Yes, this was already being discussed by the Azerbaijani users on Facebook. Not so fast, this just might be another hoax. Check out the jots from the article below.

“Western celebrity Paris Hilton will visit Baku late April. She will attend the opening of a trade center. Another western star Victoria Beckham will soon  pay a visit to the capital of Azerbaijan as well. She will attend the opening of a groundbreaking project, according to Milli.Az news portal.” Read the rest of this entry »

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INTERESTING – Skeleton of the first gay caveman found?

Five thousand years after he died, the first known gay caveman has emerged into the daylight. According to archaeologists, the way he was buried suggests that he was of a different sexual persuasion. The skeleton of the late Stone Age man, unearthed during excavations in the Czech Republic, is said to date back to between 2900 and 2500 BC. Read the rest of this entry »

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Self-interview about AzerView

Time is money for sure. In my case, not so much money wise, but still not enough time. The reason why I wasnt updating my blog lately, is because me and a couple of my associates started working on a new project, photo-portal on Azerbaijan. To get you all a better view of what I am talking about, I’ve compiled a small “self-interview” about the project below (for those of your who dont understand what a “self-interview” is – it is me asking myself questions, and answering them). Read the rest of this entry »

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