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Day by Day: $44 for a single drink in a Baku restaurant…

Yesterday I was told this “unbelievable” story, about some foreigner in Baku, who decided to go to a restaurant and have something to eat. So, he goes there, and orders himself a drink. Turns out, the restaurant does not have this particular drink, and the client is, of course, upset.

But, the restaurant across the street does, so waiters rush there, grab this drink, come back and give it to this foreigner. He’s now happy.

Well, he was, until he saw the tab. He had to pay 35 AZN (around $44) for single drink! I don’t drink myself, so I don’t really know if there are restaurants in Baku that charge that much for a drink (even if there is such an expensive drink available here). But the number is mind-blowing.

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Baku foreigners meet up in “The Brewery” – REPORT

Not so long ago, Sheila Burch was appointed as an ambassador of the Internations Baku community. Jumping on this opportunity, I decided to interview Sheila, and to my surprise, interview was quite a success – positive reviews came up in no time. Since the next meeting of the foreigners was coming up, I was rushing to make the interview until that time. That was accomplished, now the next meeting was to take place in “The Brewery”, another place I did not even know existed, although I’ve been living in Baku all my life. Read the rest of this entry »

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Attending the “Get together – Baku” event…

Now, before going through the details of yesterday event, I have to admit, I was lucky to discover the “InterNations” website online. Thanks to it, I let myself into a very sweet, simple social networking website, that specializes in foreigners and expats living in other countries. There, of course, was Azerbaijan as well. So, I registered. The first one I got into contact with was Sheila Burch, a teacher, working in International School of Azerbaijan. She informed me of a possible meeting of the foreigners in Baku, and a couple of months later I got the invite… Read the rest of this entry »

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