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Day by Day: $44 for a single drink in a Baku restaurant…

Yesterday I was told this “unbelievable” story, about some foreigner in Baku, who decided to go to a restaurant and have something to eat. So, he goes there, and orders himself a drink. Turns out, the restaurant does not have this particular drink, and the client is, of course, upset.

But, the restaurant across the street does, so waiters rush there, grab this drink, come back and give it to this foreigner. He’s now happy.

Well, he was, until he saw the tab. He had to pay 35 AZN (around $44) for single drink! I don’t drink myself, so I don’t really know if there are restaurants in Baku that charge that much for a drink (even if there is such an expensive drink available here). But the number is mind-blowing.

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SOULSCREAM – Our beloved society: how to deal with “azerbots” ?

There are people in Baku, whom I am thankful for helping me out through the years. There are also those, whom I love and respect very much. There are even those who influenced me, but they dont know it themselves.

And, there are lots of others, who think they are patriots from top to bottom, but in fact, they are nothing but “human insects”, which are so narrow minded, I almost feel like a genius when talking to them.

This is going to be a nasty post, so you’ll have to excuse me. Last night, a friend on Facebook sent me a link, for some “Eurovision” related page, and I joined in. After reading some discussions there (people from various countries participated, azeris included), I decided to join in. A few things that I wrote there were:

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“Eurovision-2011” winners visited our office… and the outcome was…

Couple of days ago, “Eurovision-2011” winners Eldar Gasymov and Nigar Jamal visited our office. No, not because they really wanted to, and no, we didnt pay them to stop by. They were invited to participate in an online radio discussion.

So anyway, they came in, as usual talked about how busy they are these days, and so on. It was nice to see them – afterall they won, and in some sense, made the country of Azerbaijan a little richer – imagine all the tourists coming in next year!

Among the questions that Eldar and Nigar were asked was one about popularity…that “the popularity of a Eurovision singer lasts for only one year…”, I caught myself thinking that this in fact is really sad.

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Eurovision 2012: Screwing up is not an option

A small article I wrote yesterday on the upcoming Eurovision 2012 song contest, that is set to take place in Azerbaijani capital of Baku.

There’s an old saying that “you cant please everyone”. Same thing goes for Eurovision, regardless of the country that wins the contest, the winners will never be loved by every viewer or spectator. This year, Azerbaijan “put its money where its mouth is”, by winning the contest, and gaining the right for hosting the “Eurovision-2012” in Azerbaijani capital of Baku. Great! What’s next?

Many claim that this is not the best place to host the Eurovision contest, others claim that Azerbaijan bought the victory, some even scream that Azerbaijan’s song was a rip-off. Well, too late to swing your fists after the fight is over. The documents have been signed, and if WWIII doesnt start, the contest will take place in Baku, and the special commission assigned to take care of the preparations for the next song contest will make sure everything will go smooth and on the top level.

Now, coming back to “the haters”, let’s imagine for a minute that Armenia, Azerbaijan’s closest neighbor won the contest. Okay, great, after the first 10 minutes of handclaps, everyone would start thinking, “and how the heck will we host such an event?”

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Eurovision-2010: the afterwords…

Below is a little article I wrote for our website, after watching the Eurovision-2010 song contest.

Well, the 55th Eurovision-2010 contest is now over, and the 19 year old Lena Meyer-Landrut is the reason Germany will be hosting the next, 56th contest of Eurovision. Young singer took off an early start, and enjoyed a comfortable lead pretty much throughout the whole voting process. Germany finished with 246 points. Manga from Turkey finished second, with 170 points, and Romania took the honors of the 3rd place with 162 points. Despite predictions, Azerbaijani participant Safura Alizadeh, who had to go first in the Finals, finished 5th, with a total of 145 points. Overall, the contest went on well, however some unpleasant moments put their mark on the whole show. Read the rest of this entry »

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