My Music

Back when I was “doing my time” in the University, I got hooked on these programs that allow you to create your own music on PC. At first, I just wanted to give it a try, after spending some hours mixing different styles and pieces, I got into it even more. Well, the result is that I created about 13 songs.

At that time, I thought of it as “my first music album”. Nothing professional of course, yet some were quite good. After that, I was thinking about the second album, but it wasnt my thing, I just needed more time to realise it. So, there was a total of 17 songs, and I’ve decided to post some of them here. Below are some of these songs, almost all of them are without vocal, and free for downloading.

Black Clouds – download mp3

Brain Virus – download mp3

Cursed Kings – download mp3

Demented Bloodsucker – download mp3

Hallucinations – download mp3

Michael Myers Lives – download mp3

Raven Attack – download mp3

Return of the Jungle Zombie – download mp3

The Melting Man – download mp3


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