Day by Day: $44 for a single drink in a Baku restaurant…

06 Sep

Yesterday I was told this “unbelievable” story, about some foreigner in Baku, who decided to go to a restaurant and have something to eat. So, he goes there, and orders himself a drink. Turns out, the restaurant does not have this particular drink, and the client is, of course, upset.

But, the restaurant across the street does, so waiters rush there, grab this drink, come back and give it to this foreigner. He’s now happy.

Well, he was, until he saw the tab. He had to pay 35 AZN (around $44) for single drink! I don’t drink myself, so I don’t really know if there are restaurants in Baku that charge that much for a drink (even if there is such an expensive drink available here). But the number is mind-blowing.

Back to the story: the foreigner is enraged (I was never told if he actually paid for it), so he wrote a complaint to the Union of Free Consumers. The Union, in turn, forwards this complaint to the Ministry of Economic Development, which promises to “deal with this problem”, and this basically means “get lost, people”.

I am just curious whether the price for a drink was that high because the waiters had to “bring it” from another restaurant, or simply because they thought “if this is a foreigner, we can name a higher price, no big deal…”

One thing is for sure, this particular foreigner will never go to this particular restaurant again. I wonder, whether this “trick” will be repeated when thousands of people will come to Azerbaijani capital on “Eurovision-2012” song contest… Will see.

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