SOULSCREAM – Our beloved society: how to deal with “azerbots” ?

30 Aug

There are people in Baku, whom I am thankful for helping me out through the years. There are also those, whom I love and respect very much. There are even those who influenced me, but they dont know it themselves.

And, there are lots of others, who think they are patriots from top to bottom, but in fact, they are nothing but “human insects”, which are so narrow minded, I almost feel like a genius when talking to them.

This is going to be a nasty post, so you’ll have to excuse me. Last night, a friend on Facebook sent me a link, for some “Eurovision” related page, and I joined in. After reading some discussions there (people from various countries participated, azeris included), I decided to join in. A few things that I wrote there were:

You don’t have to love or hate Baku, but on Eurovision contest, Azerbaijani capital welcomes each and everyone of you. Bear in mind, that there are some rules you’ll have to follow here – one of them, try to stay out of police’ sight after midnight, and don’t get drunk. Also, try not to scream (a few keywords here) in public, as this might get you into trouble.

Now, from my point of view, I did not offend anyone (or anything) and tried to be as objective as possible, maybe with a little bit of fun thrown in. As a result, I was called “a fake”, “an armenian(!!!)”, and antipatriot. And you know because of what? Because I did not stick to the rule “describe everything in the brightest of colors. We’re the best nation in the world, and this Eurovision is going to be the best ever, blah blah blah.”

To be more specific, one turkish fella, and another local “insect” decided that I am an armenian, because I did not reply to them in Azeri, on this public wall. Two reasons why I did not: 1 – I dont like to be told what to do (unless its my boss, or my parents), since its a public wall (and there were people from brazil, argentina, etc) talking in english is normal, so that everyone could understand…

But no… “Since I failed to talk in Azeri, this can mean only 2 things. Either I am an armenian, who uses google translator to understand what the heck is going on, or I am a simple fake (whatever that means in this context).”

Well, I “had to admit” that I am a fake, that I really do use google translator, and that I am very sorry, and so on. Couple of minutes later I “unliked” the page, and left off. Surprisingly, I wasn’t angry, I just felt sad, really sad, that people like these would bark at one of their own, at the same time licking asses of those whom they don’t even know (oh you’re from argentina? we looooooooove argentina! come to baku for eurovision).

As I stated on that wall – “its not about being the best (since we never were, and probably never will be), its about dealing with the worst, the best way possible.”

And, it seems like Baku is getting more and more filled with these “insects”. They will never understand that “in order to bring some use to your own country, you dont have to be a mindless patriot”. Too bad. I try my best to be myself in this dump, and I DO bring use to my country. The thing is – my use is being brought differently, in ways, “insects”, and “azerbots” will probably never understand.

Our country might be the first country in the whole world, that is ready for Eurovision (money wise, technically, etc), but as far as people go…we’re not ready for anything.

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