Martial arts, Basketball, and Websites: how egoism and team play collide in you

16 Aug

I vividly remember one of the main reasons I quit practicing and doing martial arts (shotokan karate do) about 12 years ago – it didn’t feel right. I’ve always enjoyed it (still love watching martial arts films and occasionally watch mixed martial arts fights), but at that time it seemed like egoism to me.

I earned my green belt, and then quit it. I felt I needed something else. One way to put it, I wanted to be a part of something big. That “something big” turned out to be basketball.

Now, I am no 7 foot giant (only 5’10 to be exact), but I played with heart for 7 years or so, after wrapping things up with karate. I was good for only a couple of things: I was a fairly good 3-point shot, and I loved playing in the paint, grabbing every rebound I could reach for. Everything else was pretty mediocre – my zone shot was poor, I was an awful dribbler (although could run pretty fast) and my stamina could have been a lot better. Anyway, basketball made me a team player, made me realize that even the best player cannot take it all up on his own (Wilt Chamberlain’s case).

And now, I realize that I am trying to combine those experiences I’ve had. I operate 5-6 websites, and they all require attention among other things. Now, usually a website is usually run by more than just one man, (in this case its similar to basketball, its a “team game”), and it can produce some good results, if done right.

In my case, I am (as usual) alone, trying to grow extra 2-3 hands, to handle all of those websites on my own. On one hand it screams egoism, on the other – a simple situation that a webmaster has to deal with (hard to find people with common interests, and make them invest their time into your dream projects). Being a Gemini does that to you – you start off a number of things simultaneously, and somewhere in the middle you just snap and dont want to/cannot/ continue anymore. Currently, I am trying to fix that. Will see what happens.

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