Research: Facebook and Twitter fall behind Google in driving traffic to websites

14 Aug

According to the latest research, when it comes down to driving traffic to your website, social media giants like Facebook and Twitter suck at it. That’s what “OutBrain” company’s report says (originally posted on WebProNews).

The report is based on the fact that social media websites do not drive traffic to websites like search engines do. In fact, they’re not even close.

In other words, all these “likes” and “retweets” are good, but not as good as a user who googles something, stumbles upon your website and clicks on the link. “OutBrain” research also states that in case with social networks, users there, most of the time, just read the headlines, and don’t click on it (sometimes same applies to “liking” and “retweeting”).

So, with all that said, Google is a clear leader here. When people search, they usually click a result, which takes them to a webpage/site, in other words, traffic driving has occurred.Now, I can agree with all of the above partially. It all depends on how you use social networking and what your website is about. If you’ve got something to sell, then maybe it would be better to use PPC, or Google, where people might actually find what yo’ve got to offer.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a website that posts different content daily, and just “need to let people know”, then Facebook and Twitter would be of better use of course. Besides, Facebook ads are a force to be reckoned with.

As far as Azerbaijan goes, what I personally hate most is when someone “asks” or “begs” you to “like” their fanpage,even if you dont want to. This method can give you thousands of fans, but so what? They dont even give a crap what you’re posting there, they rarely see any of your page updates. It’s the same as giving out useless coupons on the streets – most people will take them from you, and drop them to the nearest trash can, after looking. It’s a total waste of time, energy and money.

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