Azerbaijani show-business going bananas…

07 Aug

I am not going to comment on show-business as a whole, will stick to our local Azerbaijani show-biz here. Sometimes, our “stage stars” make these pathetic, useless comments that the press just swallows, and then spits out to the usual readers.

I’ll give a small example. Not so long ago, one of our national artists, singer Aybeniz Hashimova made a jaw-dropping statement, while being on a local TV-show. Basically, what she said was that most of our young singers suck, and her daughter (also singer) Aynishan is the next big thing.

“First of all, these singers are pathetic. They try to ruin my daughter’s career, and I know, that one day, God will punish them all for this. They are scared to say something to my face, so its all being done behind my back. They’re all worthless, compared to my daughter. No matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to do anything to her. One day, she will even get an Oscar, you’ll see. I think, they all need to undergo some treatment in a psychiatric hospital.”

Okay, what you’ve just read – it’s something that a popular local singer said. A parent as well. I mean, okay, as a parent you have every right to protect your child, but come on – not like this. PR is a great thing, but this is just “going the wrong way” in my opinion. Win an Oscar? Give me a break.

We all know all these countless examples of young singers trying to break in, trying their best (sometimes with questionable methods) to achieve success, and many of them fail, this thing is anything but a granted pass. But, I’ve learned one thing working in the media – always have to be careful with the statements you make, as after those its a big flow of viewers/readers reaction coming in, and its something you have to stand up against with some facts. Well, if Aynishan does win an Oscar some day, ill promise to take my words back.

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