Legendary martial arts champion Joe Lewis…is fighting for his life

27 Jul

Back in 2009, I interviewed Joe Lewis, arguably the best fighter that has ever stepped into the ring. Sadly, couple of days ago, Lewis announced on his Facebook page, that he had brain cancer, and was given from 6 to 8 weeks to live.

Lewis, is arguably, the best karate fighter that ever stepped into the ring. With him beginning his career, words as kickboxing and full contact were used for the first time ever. He was the first fighter that won the Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship in 1970.

In his 17 year fighting career, Lewis was a 7 times world champion, and was elected to various hall of fames 15 times. In his time, he won all the possible titles, including “World Karate Champion”, “World full contact Kickboxing champion”, “USA Black belts Kata champion”, “National US Kickboxing champion”. Lewis also studied Jeet Kune Do with the late great Bruce Lee. Twice Lewis was awarded as «the greatest fighter of all time».

Although I didn’t know Joe Lewis, and only done an interview with him, I feel this is something I had to put out, as there are not many martial arts champs like him left today. This seems to be the toughest challenge that good old Joe has yet faced, and I really hope that he beats the decease and recovers from it.

There’s has been a Facebook page created, called “Praying for Joe Lewis”, so if you are a martial arts fan, or just a good human being, join it here –

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One response to “Legendary martial arts champion Joe Lewis…is fighting for his life

  1. DIRTY

    February 7, 2012 at 03:05

    they needed heros and made him one


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