Mutant fruits and fake money… – PHOTOS

23 Jul

I clearly remember a year or two ago, I did not have this habit. Well, now I do – occasionally I photograph some things that happen around me, at work, at home, doesn’t matter, and I share them. In this post, I’ll share some of the latest ones with the readers.

First one. People in our office usually have their lunch breaks. Some prefer eating in the kitchen, others (like me) eat right at the office table, due to lack of free time. Anyway, that day, I decided to take a couple of shots of this giant mutant tomato, that our girls in the office brutally cut to pieces, and ate it afterwards. I dont remember seeing this big tomato in a while. Take a look at the pics below.

tomato 2



Second one. This one different, take a closer look at the photos below, this is a simple calendar. Well, not really simple, its a “money calendar”. Our national currency (manat) is exposed on this cheap-ass calendar, released by one of our local banks. People are starving, and they release this… probably it was indended for “inside use” only…



Third one. And this is me…with another mutant…this time its a peach…well, a peach “with a serious attitude”…

pupsik shaftali

That’s it so far, when something else comes up, I’ll be sure to post it in this category.


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