“Eurovision-2011” winners visited our office… and the outcome was…

20 Jul

Couple of days ago, “Eurovision-2011” winners Eldar Gasymov and Nigar Jamal visited our office. No, not because they really wanted to, and no, we didnt pay them to stop by. They were invited to participate in an online radio discussion.

So anyway, they came in, as usual talked about how busy they are these days, and so on. It was nice to see them – afterall they won, and in some sense, made the country of Azerbaijan a little richer – imagine all the tourists coming in next year!

Among the questions that Eldar and Nigar were asked was one about popularity…that “the popularity of a Eurovision singer lasts for only one year…”, I caught myself thinking that this in fact is really sad.

I mean, even if you go there, win the contest, just like Eldar and Nigar did, if you think about it, actually its true. Couple of months after the contest, you’re still a big piece of news, but then it slowly starts to decline, and only die-hard fans remember what you did “years ago”. Our winners have been interviewed many times, and usually there’s not much to ask, that’s a shame.

However, they still got time, I believe they have to take as much as they can from this kind of fame, until something else appears on horizon. A stage star is only good when the activity is maintained, if not, it just falls down, like usual stars in the sky. I’d like to hope, that even if this happens to Eldar and Nigar, it won’t happen too early. We still like to see our winners in their glory.

You can check out the full report with pictures here:


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