A small announcement: Some websites are dead…some were born…

01 Jul

Now, to keep it brief, about a week ago I’ve decided to terminate a couple of my websites, due to lack of free time. I just cannot keep up anymore. Its quite exhausting. Anyway, the websites that are not available anymore are “WeirdPaper”, and “InternetStreets”.

Naturally, if i had more time, I’d surely keep them alive (been putting my heart in them for some time, but just ran “out of gas” too fast), but at this moment, unfortunately I cannot. I did save them as a backup, so one day, they might see the light of day again.

The good news is that I’ve decided to put some of the energy that I’ve left into something I’ve always loved – movies. So, I opened a new website – BZFilm ( – which is all about low-budget movies, filmmaking and all related to cinema. No mainstream stuff there, so if that’s what you’re into, skip this paragraph. I’ve managed to translate and gather ALL my interviews there (some of which are NOT published here), so feel free to check them out in the “Talks & Interviews” section on BZFilm. There are a bunch of other interesting cinema-related categories, which i try to fill in often.

Anyway, thanks for reading, feel free to click either on the link inside the text, or on the banner that I’ve just put on the right side block. If any questions arise, feel free to ask.

Thank you.

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