Eurovision 2012: Screwing up is not an option

06 Jun

A small article I wrote yesterday on the upcoming Eurovision 2012 song contest, that is set to take place in Azerbaijani capital of Baku.

There’s an old saying that “you cant please everyone”. Same thing goes for Eurovision, regardless of the country that wins the contest, the winners will never be loved by every viewer or spectator. This year, Azerbaijan “put its money where its mouth is”, by winning the contest, and gaining the right for hosting the “Eurovision-2012” in Azerbaijani capital of Baku. Great! What’s next?

Many claim that this is not the best place to host the Eurovision contest, others claim that Azerbaijan bought the victory, some even scream that Azerbaijan’s song was a rip-off. Well, too late to swing your fists after the fight is over. The documents have been signed, and if WWIII doesnt start, the contest will take place in Baku, and the special commission assigned to take care of the preparations for the next song contest will make sure everything will go smooth and on the top level.

Now, coming back to “the haters”, let’s imagine for a minute that Armenia, Azerbaijan’s closest neighbor won the contest. Okay, great, after the first 10 minutes of handclaps, everyone would start thinking, “and how the heck will we host such an event?”

The above thought is not far from the truth – hosting such a contest on such a big scale – requires very important things, such as money, and resources. Armenia doesnt have much of those. So what would be the way out, turn back and “skip” the show? Or go even deeper into debts with Russia? Or spam diaspora with emails, begging to send money to build a new stadium?

It’s the same as buying a new Range Rover – okay, you bought it, great, congratulations, but will you be able to “feed the monster” with gas 4 times a week? In case with Armenia, no. Not really.

So, coming back to the topic at hand, the preparations for the upcoming contest have already began. Eldar & Nigar will once again step up to sing their winning “Running Scared” song at the next contest, and Azerbaijan still has to choose its participant for the event.

As far as voting on “Today.Az” shows, above all, the most important thing is “preparations for the next contest”. I couldnt agree with our readers more. The upcoming contest is no joke as most tend to think, and is very important for Azerbaijan, in particular. Considering all this, screw up in this case, is not an option.

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