SELFTALK: The grand opening…Eurovision contest…

03 Jun

I dont know whether anyone did this kind of thing before, so, i’ve decided to try. “SelfTalk” – is a new category, which will feature comments and interviews on various topics by the author of the blog. Along the way, he will be making stupid statements, smoke Lucky Strike, laugh and still deliver some interesting information. Anyway, the first “selftalk” is about the Eurovision. Let’s get on it.

So, Azerbaijan won the “Eurovision-2011”. Did you believe in your country?

To be honest, I didnt even watch it. I mean i’ve seen various posts on Facebook, I’ve stumbled on articles in the press (due to my work), however there were no emotions. As far as the song goes (“Running Scared”), to me it was nothing special. But, as we already know, the Eurovision decided otherwise.

Do you think Baku is ready for this contest?

Well, official Baku may be, but I am not so sure about the general public. You see, Eurovision’s level is not that low, as people sometimes think, and no matter what people say about it, its a SHOW. And, it takes time and effort to prepare a good show, especially for the incoming fans and viewers. I hardly believe that Baku would want to fail here, as it is a very important moment for the whole country. On the other hand, some will certainly not come here for the contest.

Why is that?

I’ll explain it to you later.

Is there a possibility that Azerbaijan just bought itself 1st spot in the contest?

Who the hell compiled these questions for you? Your neighbors? Absolutely not, I strongly believe that Azerbaijan earned this victory.You do understand that it is impossible to buy everything, right? I bet you didnt even consider such thing as “fair play”, sure you did not. Azerbaijan won, whatever people say now. If there was some sort of a bribery going on, it would have been made public, believe me.

Who do you believe is a better singer, Eldar or Nigar?

I cannot answer this question the way I should, since i am not very good in music. What I can state is that they accompany each other very well, and the crowd loves them. Who cares if one sings better than other? They’re a duo, and the duo was the best at the contest. Period.

What in your opinion is the most important, as far as the upcoming Eurovision-2012 goes?

In my view, there are 2 major questions that must be solved before next year’s entertainment begins. First is – a serious preparational process. Like i stated before, its very important not only for the contest itself, but also for the overall country image. Second is – good coverage of the whole contest in the local press. In this case, by local press I mean the english sources. There arent many of them, and they would really have to step it up, so that people would be able to track down all the events online. Because, after all, singing songs in foreign language is one thing, and cover the whole contest with good written articles, comments and interviews is completely another.

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