SOULSCREAM: Expressing thoughts openly in all languages…not

27 Apr

Okay, so a few days back, i caught myself thinking that languages are a lot more different than I thought they were. I am saying this because i found out its easier (personally for me) to express my thoughts in English, rather than in other languages that I am fluent in. This is strange, but I’ll try to explain.

If i am having a thought, that i want to express (and CAN express clearly), but for some reason, its easier for me to say/write it in English, then in, say, Russian. The point of thought is the same, but when you say it in English its easier.I believe, its because English, to me, is still an alien language, and its more fluid, maybe that’s why its easier.

If visualizing this, then Russian language would be a chair i sit on, or a bed that i sleep in.English language would be a wind outside my window. All of the mentioned above are needed, yet they’re very different. Okay, the comparison sucks, i know, but that’s how i feel it and envision it. And besides… you have to like the language to talk in it. Old rules still apply.


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