New joint project – “Internet Streets”

23 Apr

A few days ago I posted some brief info about Weird Paper, that I’ve created. In this post, I would like to introduce another creation of mine – “Internet Streets” project. Well, in fact, the project is not mine completely.

I had this idea for a while, and one day I met a few interesting people on an internet marketing forum. So, I decided to pitch this idea to them, and see if they would agree to work with me. It worked. So, we put up the site, and now you can see it at:

I’ll give you a little introduction – “Internet Streets” is a website with a few categories, that are being run by several people (me, and those guys I work with). So basically, its an online website, where everyone has his “street”, and write on a specific subject.

We’ve agreed on the following topics: Movies (b-movies that is), SEO & Internet Marketing, Fun Block (various jokes, funny stories), and FreeZone (guide to all that is free on the internet). I run the “b-movies” category. In the future we might add more categories, if someone else decides to join in, and proposes an interesting category. Until then we will stick to these – there’s a lot to be said/posted even in these four!

So, feel free to head over to “Internet Streets“, discover movies you’ve never seen, laugh your head off, grab some free gift, or learn how to make your own website better!


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