Another one of my creations…

15 Apr

In this post, I would like to announce, that yesterday, I put up my first website. I spent about 3 days learning about web hosting and domain bying, and then decided to finally make something out of that. So, I stumbled upon this great old paper-like wordpress theme, and decided to use it for my new website.

The address of the website is, and its basically a news website. Not the usual though – it mostly focuses on weird news, bizarre stories, the so-called “wow I didnt know that” type of articles and news.

In fact, I believe these news are the most readable ones all over the internet (well, maybe aside from the educational ones). I’ll try to stay “alive” here, and post when I have time, since I got a few more ideas/websites coming up. Don’t know how I will run them, since I got “AzerView” on my hands as well (partially, but still). So, after a warm welcome, feel free to sometimes visit “Weird Paper“, as sometimes (especially if you’re a news junkie) reading these kind of news is quite refreshing from your usual analytical-political crap.


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