SOULSCREAM: Jean Claude Van Damme vs Victoria Beckham and Paris Hilton…

09 Apr

Couple of days ago, while at work, I’ve stumbled on some news, that Paris Hilton and Victoria Beckham will reportedly visit Baku. Got your attention huh? Yes, this was already being discussed by the Azerbaijani users on Facebook. Not so fast, this just might be another hoax. Check out the jots from the article below.

“Western celebrity Paris Hilton will visit Baku late April. She will attend the opening of a trade center. Another western star Victoria Beckham will soon  pay a visit to the capital of Azerbaijan as well. She will attend the opening of a groundbreaking project, according to Milli.Az news portal.”

Yes, thats all there is. What the hell is a “groundbreaking project”? Why would Paris come in here to “attend” some opening of a trade center? Dont they have anything else to do? I am wondering, because both Paris and Victoria do a lot of things to do, and the question here is quite simple – Do they really need to come in here? Well, if they do, Baku will surely be expecting them, at the highest level for sure.

What bugs me, and makes me sad is that there’s no appreciation for people who really had some impact on society in one way or another. Especially in Azerbaijan. I remember, back in 2006, Jean Claude Van Damme came here for a day or two, on some private invitation. Local tv later reported that he walked the Baku boulevard a little, and even bought himself something in one of the shops. Couple of minutes later, they show the face of this chick, the seller, and she goes on like “I did not even know who he was. Didnt recognize him”. Now, that is a disrespect. I mean, come on, this is the man who made himself, who can, at some point, be considered a legend. He brought something of his own to the martial-arts cinema, lots of kids in Azerbaijan grew up watching his classic movies…

And now, we have to wait up, and cheer Victoria and Paris, who did not contribute anything useful to society. I, personally, consider them just business women. They’re nothing else. Nothing.

Icons? Please… Singers? Right…  Actresses? Please go watch Ray Liotta or Mickey Rourke – this is acting.

Anyway, this is just pathetic that people pay attention to these blank celebrities, that buy pink bentleys and wear God knows what just to keep their “fashion” title. I mean, if you want to do business – Mark Zuckerberg is your man. You want show-biz and PR – look up to Iggy Pop or Lady Gaga. Sorry Paris, Victoria, unless you do something that has some sort of “weight”, you will always be everything but definition of something useful. There’s nothing to really remember you for.


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