SOULSCREAM – A little confession, a little lame excuse…

07 Apr

I guess I owe you all one. Feel sorry for not being able to log in and update blog more often. As soon as I started working on this photowebsite we run, there’s very little time, and honestly nothing much to write about either. A week ago, we’ve decided to start all over again, which means getting a new website (on the same domain of course). The one we have now does not look solid, and is somewhat out of day, by modern standarts. Yet, I must add, its highly popular on RUnet (russian part of world wide web).

Anyway, we’ve hired an expert in this field, and yesterday he got all the instructions on our new outlook and technical aspects. Should start working on all that starting from today. We don’t know how it turns out, but I’ll be honest here – I feel like I am, once again, “following someone else’s dream”.

Maybe its just a feeling, which will pass away as the time goes on, cant say I care that much at this point. So to speak, I am stuck between the floors – I dont want to quit yet, and I am not moving forward as fast as I should. Guess movies will remain my only passion for life…

Stay tuned.
Blog is not dead yet.


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