Self-interview about AzerView

21 Jan

Time is money for sure. In my case, not so much money wise, but still not enough time. The reason why I wasnt updating my blog lately, is because me and a couple of my associates started working on a new project, photo-portal on Azerbaijan. To get you all a better view of what I am talking about, I’ve compiled a small “self-interview” about the project below (for those of your who dont understand what a “self-interview” is – it is me asking myself questions, and answering them).


Please tell us more about this photo-portal you created…

Well, actually the idea of creating such a portal doesnt belong to me, but to one of my associates. He had this idea of opening a photosite about Azerbaijan. We talked about it, or should I say, he talked me into it, and I just shaped up his idea, and this is what we have today – AzerView, a photo-portal, completely devoted to Azerbaijan.

Where do you get your content?

Since we are a portal, we do not, at this moment, have exclusive content. Mostly we borrow what is on the internet, trying to gather everything that is connected to Azerbaijan, picture wise, and show it off. However, we do have a big photo archive stored up, and we will be releasing it, as the time goes on. This project does have potential, but of course some time is needed for proper development. We keep it real, we respect the autors, and there is no problem with copyrights.

Some people believe it is confusing to have a website function in 2 languages at the same time…and this is exactly what is AzerView…

This is purely financial, I mean, at first when we were just thinking of the website, we didnt have much of a budget, so we just decided to “work with what we’ve got”. It was my idea to add English language to the website, since I wanted to cover the foreigners, and those who live outside Azerbaijan as well. In the future we might consider changing the structure of the website for more comfortable viewing.

What plans do you and your associates have for the new website?

You know, there aren’t many local websites, that specialize on Azerbaijan in photos. There are news websites with photo-galleries and so on, however no specialized website. We decided to fill that gap. AzerView has around 15 different categories, to satisfy everyone, so to speak. Aside from that, we are very interested in communicating with our visitors, and we frequently post what is being sent to us. Most of our current resources are being put to website’s promotion, and in a couple of months, we, hopefully will look at this website differently. So, for now, write down the address –



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