Baku foreigners meet up in “The Brewery” – REPORT

10 Dec

Not so long ago, Sheila Burch was appointed as an ambassador of the Internations Baku community. Jumping on this opportunity, I decided to interview Sheila, and to my surprise, interview was quite a success – positive reviews came up in no time. Since the next meeting of the foreigners was coming up, I was rushing to make the interview until that time. That was accomplished, now the next meeting was to take place in “The Brewery”, another place I did not even know existed, although I’ve been living in Baku all my life.

So, the date was set, and yesterday I went to the event. “Brewery” turned out to be a very nice basement-like place, with live music, very nicely decorated, with little country flags posted on the walls above each customer table (Turkish flag turned out to be right over my table, when I first sat down). The place was quite crowded already, with both locals and foreigners. At the entrance I was asked whether I was with the “Internations” or just a usual customer, so the arrangements were made in advance, which is always a good thing.

Couple of minutes later, I was already talking to some people, who were coming to each meeting of the community since the beginning (overall, 3 meetings). Later on, when Sheila arrived, she was counting the number of members who came, and to me, it seemed like there were less people this time. In my opinion, the place was not really appropriate for this kind of event (although I’ve heard good things about the beer they serve).

All was going smoothly, until locals who were celebrating a birthday in another hall started singing and dancing right in the middle of the area. They formed a circle, and out of nowhere comes a black man, dressed as Michael Jackson, and starts doing the “moonwalking”, and other Jackson’s trademark moves, accompanied by the “Smooth Criminal”. The whole show was too loud, yet even those who came to the event, gathered up to watch the man perform for the crowd. Averall, the meeting was good, I even managed to gather some positive energy. As for the negative part, there wont be pictures this time – flashing with a camera into people’s faces was not appropriate this time. Looking forward to the next event, partially because thanks to these meetings I get to explore various cafes and restaurants of my own native city.


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