SOULSCREAM – Thoughts, job, and kickboxing tournaments…

19 Nov

Today, one of the journalists in the news company I work for, asked me an interesting question – “If you absolutely had to have a physical job, aside from usual “mental” job, what would you do? Where would you work?”

Bastard caught me off guard there, that was a great question. In fact, I briefly touched upon this subject in my “Theory of Human Inefficiency” article, however I did not go deep into the details. So, why not develop this idea? In fact, that’s what I started doing, while we were smoking outside the office.

For example (IF a man/woman absolutely has to have 2 type of specific jobs, what should the balance between them be?) , if someone like me, works all day (8-9 hours to be exact), when should I have time for “other”, physical in this case, job? So, special tests should have been made, in order to understand what a certain man is capable of. And, the results could be counted by a percentage, so then he could easily walk towards the direction that fits him best.

Anyway, the guy I was talking to, answered the question himself – “I’d be working at some construction site, pull stones or something”. I’d chose to train, and participate in kickboxing tournaments for money (hey, its sort of a job too, if you’re getting paid!). Then, I asked another guy from the office the same question. His answer was “I would work at some car manufacturing plant”. Sounds good. I turned out to be the most violent of the three. Ah, well…its life…


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