Realities of the past: Pictures I shot

06 Nov

For the last couple of months I sorted out some of the pictures I shot, mostly with my old phone, and thought to open a new post about it. I will be adding new pictures to this post, and updating it. This is not much, I am sure if I dig deeper into my hard drive, I’ll find more pics, but this is what I got for now. Nothing fancy, just life. Pictures are not connected with each other, most of them were shot while “being in the right place, at the right time”. And if the moment was really “right” – everyone must judge for himself… See pictures below.

PhotobucketA guy I work with. We were out one day, if i am not mistaken it was the “Day of Ecology and fresh air”, something like that. So he proposed this great idea of shooting him with a mask on, in front of a big construction garbage pile.

PhotobucketThis is a park, near my home. Back when I was a kid, I used to come here often. As the time passed, the park changed a little, yet thanks to this monument, which seems like been here forever, it still looks as if the times never changed.

PhotobucketI used to see these 2 cats sleeping in the same flower bed for a week maybe. Not far from the grocery store. I thought it was real sweet, so took the picture.

PhotobucketNothing cool about this picture. Just an old street phone, left from the Soviet times probably. The picture was taken in Baku, near the Icheri Sheher (Inner City). The phone still works, but not with jettons, with coins. Thats what the board on the phone says “The phone works only with 10-20 coins, do not use any jettons”.

PhotobucketA nice, cute looking pigeon, nothing much to say here. He was a rather brave one, didnt even fly away when my evil hand with a camera was approaching him…

PhotobucketOnce we decided to make a photo gallery of Baku strays (we did in fact, and you can see it here – Several people contributed to the gallery, and this particular picture was shot by me. A homeless man sits near the Russian Drama Theater, in the center of Azerbaijani capital, and there’s a small cap of soup, I think. He doesnt look too friendly, but who’s going to blame him…

PhotobucketThis doesnt look too bad! Where else can you make yourself a copy with a speed of 6mbits??? Stupidity of some people, who dont understand what they’re saying sometimes is killing…

PhotobucketCommenting on this picture, all I can say is “meet the neighbors”. Thats exactly what I saw one day in the morning, going to work. Damn pricks were so lazy to throw their garbage to the relevant place, they found another way – just put all these garbage packages into the elevator! Yes, imagine all the smell, and the poor machine was working like this the whole day – when I came back from work in the evening, this mess was still in place…

PhotobucketMeet “Ms. Ashtray”. She works on the same floor as we do. She is a real horse – no day offs, works non stop, and helps us out too. Although, people are “using” her constantly. This particular picture shows shows “Mr. Ashtray” being overloaded with cigarette stubs. And this much came in only a couple of hours. Good thing is, this “lady” doesnt know she’s working for free.



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