CINEMANIA – Paul Logan: I kept coming up with creative ways of killing people

14 Oct

Paul Logan is quickly stepping up as the next action hero of the enormous B-movie world. With a deadly straight look, perfect body, martial arts skills, Logan is getting better and better, which his latest movies such as “Mega Piranha” and “Ballistica” definitely prove. In this interview, Logan speaks about his work with Hollywood legends, how he fought giant man-eating fish, his erotic films and other things.

Mr Logan, your career, if I am not mistaken, started back in 1996. What were you doing before breaking into movies? Why did you decide to become an actor in the first place?

Yeah, I got my first film “Killers” back in 1996. I was the lead bad guy. Before that I was finishing Chiropractic school. I had passed all parts of my boards and had my clinic hours to do. I got KILLERS, took a leave of abscence and haven’t looked back. Acting had always been something that I wanted to do, out here in LA I got the opportunity and jumped on it.

From the info I have, you are a black belt in Okinawa Go-Ju-Ryu karate. When did you start your training? Did you have any one to look up to?

I started training in Karate when I was 13. I was always the skinny kid and got picked on a lot. I took to the karate like a fish to water. I started working out with weights when I was 17. I put a poster of Stallone from Rambo 2 on the back of my dorm room door and said ” I want to look like that” I was 6’0″, 145lbs. I’ve gained a little weight since then.

During your career you made some softcore erotic movies. However, later you switched to more action, martial arts and sci-fi. Why did you start doing those softcore movies, and why did not stick to this genre?

It’s hilarious, I’ve done SO many other high-profile projects, Days Of Our Lives, Friends, Angel Smith etc. and people always bring up a movie that shows my butt with fake sex scenes. I was just starting my career and actually used some of the dialog scenes for my demo reel. I didn’t do anything different than Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone did in Basic Instinct or Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie in Original Sin, but because my movies were lower budget, I catch Hell for it. It’s funny, in hind sight I might do things differently. I always loved action movies and love playing the hero.

One of your latest movies, “Mega Piranha”, reportedly, garnered over 2 million viewers on SYFY channel, making the it the most-watched film of the year. What made this project interesting enough for you to accept the part?

“Mega Piranha” was interesting to me because it was an exciting script and I got to play a NAVY SEAL fighting giant piranha. I was able to use my karate and choreograph all of the fight scenes, do my stunt driving and learned how to scuba dive in Belize for the film. It was the second most watched movie ever on “SYFY”. I was happy to star in it.

Another sci-fi movie you did “The Terminators” had an interesting idea of cyborg clones invading the earth. And you played all of them. Please, tell us about your experiences of working on this film. Did you ever think about the original Terminator trilogy, or it was just another film to you?

It was great working on “The Terminators”. I love all of the original TERMINATOR films and it was fun playing all of the cyborgs. I kept coming up with creative ways of killing people.

Action movie “Ballistica” that you did this year features a lot of familliar faces, such as Martin Kove, Robert Davi, Andrew Divoff. How was it like working on this film? Did you have to undergo a special training for your part of Damian?

It was so much fun working on “Ballistica”. I loved working with Martin Kove, he was my boss, kind of the “Trautman” to my “Rambo”. We got along really well and that relationship translates to the screen. Working with Robert and Andrew was great also. They were real pros and fun to work with. As far as training, I got my body in the best physical condition that I could and really trained my martial arts intensely. My character Damian, is a killing machine. I wanted it to look great.

According to some online sources, in pre-production, the storyline had James Lew and Simon Rhee prepare you (Damian) and train you for becoming the CIA Agent. They reportedly also taught you Ballistica techniques. In the film however, the storyline was changed. Do you know why the first one was never used?

I was priveledged to have a fight scene with James Lew and Simon Rhee. They are legends and I got to fight them both at the same time. They were both amazing to work with. As far as an earlier draft of the script, I don’t know anything about that. I choreographed all of the BALLISTICA moves. The other fights were choreographed by Cole McCay and myself except for the one with James and Phillip, which obviously they had input on.

Please tell us about the Pelican Bay Poker Club, which you, reportedly have founded. Is it something Paul Logan does, when not working on a movie? Why poker?

I am involved with Pelican Bay Poker Club. Poker is a fun way to relax and have fun with friends.



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