“Terminator T-800”: I used my own training techniques to reach outstanding physical condition for this film

23 Sep

A bodybuilder born in Austria. We’ve heard something like that before. Oh yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, thats the one. However, ever since Arnold went on to pursue political career, lots of new faces started to show up, and Roland Kickinger is definately one of them. Born in Vienna, in 1968, Kickinger decided to become a bodybuilder at the age of 15. The result – he does have a “Mr. Austria” title among his other trophies. However, Kickinger had more plans for himself, and his determination guided him to the right path. He came to the U.S. to pursue new opportunities. And new opportunities came in the form of movies (Lethal Weapon 4, Terminator Salvation, See Arnold Run), TV-series, Talk shows… In this interview, Kickinger talks about how he transformed into Arnold Schwarzenegger, his work in “Terminator Salvation”, his lifestyle, and other things.

Mr. Kickinger, since your website pretty much has all your younger years “covered”, I’ll go straight to the film, that actually made you famous – “See Arnold Run”. Now, since most see you as “another Arnold”, please tell us, how did you get cast in the film, and what were your experiences like?

Any Warhol once said: Fame is nothing but at least it’s something. For the film project “See Arnold Run” I went through the standard casting process for actors. There where 4 call backs and finally a screen testing. My experience of being a part of the film project and portraying my mentor’s early life was exceptional and exciting. It was a great honor to portray such a icon and leader of California.

Your bio, does not say much about the bodybuilding competitions you’ve been participating in. Since you have such a tremendous body physique, please tell which contests you have participated in, and the titles you’ve won.

Mr. Miami Classic (1989), Newcomer Champion Austria (1992), Mr. Powerhouse (1994), Mr. Muscle Beach (Mr. Austria), (1994), Mr. Universe (1995), Arnold Classic (1996), San Jose Pro Invitational (1997), Night of the Champions (1997), Ironman (1998), San Francisco Pro Invitational (1998), Ironman (1999) and the Arnold Classic (1999).

Again, referring to your bio, it says you’ve been a trainer for other people as well. Have you ever thought of having some sort of your own “Training” system, maybe a TV-show. Does that somehow fit into the future of Roland Kickinger – the actor?

In my little spare time I successfully designed a total 2 week body makeover program which is held at my Woodland Hills fitness resort ( Health and fitness has been a strong partner in my life and I like to promote a more fitter, healthier and happier lifestyle.  I am certainly open for a right fit T.V. station.

Career wise, how do you think your part in “Terminator Salvation” helped you? Did you have to undergo some special training to get “closer” to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1984 Terminator look?

Portraying the “T-800” in the film “Terminator Salvation” has given me not only priceless personal experiences but also many other opportunities working in films globally. I have used my own training techniques and sport supplements to reach outstanding physical condition for the character necessary.

As an actor, pretty much everyone wants to develop. Do you take acting classes, or undertake some other trainings to improve your “spot” in the business? Some say, that you won’t go far with muscles only…

Yes, I agree you have to work on you acting craft through out the whole year.  It’s is just like exercising for your body, it has to be kept up.

Is there some other business you are involved in, or you can call yourself a full-time actor?

I am an entrepeneur by heart and one of my other passions besides acting and health and fitness are building up meaningful businesses and investing i.e. International Real-Estate Coproations, Managed Futures (Superfund), President of 6 Star Nutrition (Nutrition and Healthfood stores), Founder of and a several more…

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s path is known: a bodybuilder turned actor turned politician. You were a bodybuilder, and now you’re in the showbiz. What would your next step be?

I would love to maintain the above points and in addition making an impact to change other peoples life who have not been as fortunate as I am. I dare to live the life I have dreamed of.


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