03 Sep

Below are some of my thoughts, mostly on life, and other things as well. No need to remind, that these thoughts are only mine, and I stick to my opinion, without imposing them on anyone else. I’ll be occasionally adding new ones, check them out in this topic. The newer ones will be at the top of the list.

— Man in a bad mood, when he’s got nothing to do, is more dangerous than he seems.

— Development is an endless way to perfection.

— Bad mood can actually give you a positive boost.

— Sometimes, one man is able to feel the pain of thousand people.

— The Capital of Azerbaijan is rapidly developing. Everything is changing. Except people. And that’s the worst part.

— I’ve learned a lot from people completely unknown to me. Remotely sending them a big thanks.

— The best place to sit down, and think about what you could have changed in the past, is the toilet seat, especially if you havent got a paper or a magazine with you.

— It’s important not only to have a son, but also to guide him into the right direction. Not just to build a house, but to look after it. Not only to plant a tree, but to take care of it as well.

— A perfect man has a blade sharp mind, golden heart, and iron fists. Thank God, so far no such human exists. Love people for who they are, for their flaws and weaknesses.

— A man trying to praise himself in the eyes of others, can easily lower himself in his own eyes.

— If the crowd can’t be persuaded, its better to stay away from this crowd.

— Sometimes, its nice to remember the past, since it never gets old.


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One response to “Lifethoughts

  1. umavvs

    September 3, 2010 at 13:05

    wise words indeed..hope more people put them in deed!


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