How do you surprise a guy from New Zealand in Baku?

12 Aug

Another hot, boring day was over. When leaving the office, I was about to enter the elevator, I saw a redheaded guy coming right towards me. Needless to say, I was a little surprised, since I would not expect to see someone like him, especially after the busy work hours. He looked like a tourist, with a big cam hanging down his chest, and a shirt, saying “Kalashnikov” (for those of you who dont know, it’s a USSR designed automatic weapon, most commonly known as AK47).

So, he comes out saying “Do you speak English?”, to which I of course replied positively. Amos, that was the guy’s name, told me that he was a photographer, and he wanted to know the way to the roof of the building, to get up there, and get some good shots. I told him to go around, and find some other spot, “since from here there’s no way up”.

I added, that if “he got caught…”, which got him scared for a second or two. He said he had permission, then we both laughed. Being tired as hell, I dont quite remember how he got here from New Zealand, and what delegation he was with. What I do remember, as we were walking down the stairs, is that he was in Armenia, and he started asking questions. About what was going on between us, and even mentioned Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

I wasn’t really in the mood to be talking about this, yet I decided to. I told him a little about the war, about the ceasefire agreement, and a few other details. Also decided to tell him about the “Mubariz Ibrahimov case”. To say he was shocked would be too easy. He was upset. Overall, we had a very nice conversation, and he said he liked the city (Baku) a lot, very beautiful, lots of things to photograph. On my part, I wished him the best, and of course to take the best pictures he could.

One thing for sure: Not everyday you dont get to meet guys from New Zealand in Baku, who roam the streets for photos, and asking about Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Oh yes, and there probably are many many other ways to surprise a guy from New Zealand in Baku…


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