Bigger. Better. Whiter???

24 Jun

Exactly, this is what we are going to get – “Baku White City”.

In fact, it was decided to restore and develop the so-called “Black City” district of Baku, which will from now on be called “Baku White City”. The area covering 221 ha will be totally transformed, while also altering and expanding the notion of a modern city centre as such.
The Baku White City master plan envisages the creation of 10 universal urban districts with each of them to offer its residents the best living, working, recreation and entertainment conditions. In accordance with the order of the Executive Administration of Baku City, it is planned to rearrange and expand the Baku Boulevard, that is situated right in the centre of the Baku Bay. The Oilers’ Avenue, one of the most favourite streets of the people of Baku that runs along the Boulevard will be made longer as well.

The modern center of Baku will be different, thanks also to the new city transportation system. For instance, it is planned to build a new Underground station that will give access right to the central square of “Baku White City”. Plan also includes expanding the bus route grid and to run a tram line along the whole coast. Also along the Boulevard should run the all-new water transport line.

Well, it definately seems like big money are put into this project, and below is a picture of how it should look like when its done. All we have to do is just wait…

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