Measuring the toughness…by phone numbers

22 Jun

So, today, one of my office friends managed to surprise me.

He showed me an interesting local website (which I never heard of), that allows people to buy themselves new phone numbers. Yes, it goes for both usual numbers, and mobile phone numbers. What surprised me is some of the prices that you had to pay for some of those numbers. For instance, price for one of the numbers, that caught my attention was…30 000 manats!

For those who dont know – its nearly 38 000 USD. Would you pay that much for a simple PHONE NUMBER? Think about other things you could buy for that money! Newsflash! people – in Baku, for the same sum of money, you can buy yourself a brand new car, a small appartment, hell even open your own little business!

I have no idea, who would actually want to buy that number. It’s just a simple show-off, which is a common thing in Azerbaijan. I wish people would at least try to change this ugly rotten habit of spending big money on useless things…


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