Azerbaijani ghost towns mentioned…

17 May

I love ghost towns. Even have a dream of visiting one, and taking pictures of it, and maybe even shooting some footage. And today, I found an interesting photo-article on WebUrbanist, where 24 ghost towns around the world are presented.

And to my surprise, there are 2 of them, which are in Azerbaijan! One is a war-torn city of Agdam, occupied by the Armenian armed forces, and the other one is Oily Rocks – one of the strangest organically-evolved cities in the world.

Here’s what Web Urbanist says about Agdam: Once the proud 150,000+ capital city of Azerbaijan this dense and thriving city was taken by the Armenians and utterly trashed, vandalized and then abandoned. Some explorers still make their way to photograph what is left of this city whose residents may never see it again.

This is what Web Urbanist has on Oily Rocks: Off the coast of Azerbaijan sits what remains of one of the strangest organically-evolved cities in the world. Oily Rocks started with a single path out over the water, built on the backs of ships sunken to serve as foundations. This system of paths grew and evolve to serve the oil-drilling industry and eventually were widened to create space for houses, schools, libraries and shops for the workers and their families. Today, most of it sits abandoned and some paths and buildings have sunk back under the surf never to be seen again.

This is no fresh news, as it was published back in 2008, yet still an interesting piece.

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