SOULSCREAM: Silent beauty of Baku’s mime Theater

14 Apr

I am not really into theaters, but after a couple of my friends told me that I should go and see these guys perform, I thought, okay, I’ll give it a try. As of now, Baku’s only mime theater is stationed in an old “Shafag” movie theater. “Shafag” itself is nothing to be bragging about – an old, small theater, which probably was last restored 20-25 years ago. Anyway, going in I wasn’t expecting anything special, but was a little excited as well.

Like mentioned before, the hall of the theater was small, for 30 people at least. However I felt rather comfortable in an old chair, that probably was older than me. From what I knew, mime theater had the lowest price for the tickets, but I was still hoping to get to see something for what I’ve paid. Soft, pleasant instrumental music was playing in the background made me feel even more comfortable. I was patiently waiting.

By that time, people started coming in, and what surprised me, most of them were teens, in their 20s at most. One man stood out – a foreigner, a big tall man in his 50’s I’d say. Everyone else were locals.  By the time I finished spinning my head looking at the visitors, the play already started…

“De Ja Vu” was the name of the play, and frankly, going in, I did not know anything about it. The whole play was carried out by two performers, a guy and a girl, both just below 30 years old, I think. Won’t be spoiling the whole play – but I enjoyed it, to say the least. Both actors were performing at will, a blind man could see they were giving their best.

The actor was unshaven, very energetic, and to me looked like a singer from some Rock band. The actress was very beautiful, plastic, with unbelievably long hair. The play lasted for 40-45 minutes by my count, and at the end of it, there was not a single person who did not applaud to the performers once they finished. As for me – two people managed to entertain me in an old movie theater for almost an hour, without saying a word. That’s talent.

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