SOULSCREAM: Differences

17 Mar

My thoughts…

On life – Life isn’t fair. No matter how you look at it. Yes, its wonderful at times, you live only once, blah blah blah. Taking a closer look shows a completely different picture. And in my eyes, this picture ain’t pretty. I’ve never been jealous of folks, who “take it easy”, and having as many problems as everyone else, still keep their heads up and smile. Well, I can’t do that. Never could. For me, good days just don’t come easy.

On work – Safe to say, I am a mood man. If the mood is right, I get right on the task, stick my teeth into it, and keep on working till its done. The bad thing is, I rarely have such opportunity at my job. Everyday the same – you come, do what you are paid to do, and don’t think much of the time you’ve spent. At the end of the month you get your check, and forget about the rest. There’s no desire.

On women – At times, they can be very annoying and unpredictable. Yes, we wouldn’t last long without them, unless we turn into fags. And they do have some qualities that we, men, can only dream of. Still, I believe, that there are things, that “men should do”, and things that “women should do”. Mixing the two can turn into a disaster. Are we equal? I believe so. Have to have guts to admit this openly. Women and men should look after each other, and not step on anyone’s toes. Me, definitely positive towards women, but not too much.

On creativity – I think it’s great when a man is creative. Such types are so much fun to be around with. So many thoughts, dreams, ideas. Even makes you feel better. Pity though, that such people are often misunderstood (from what I know and seen). Being one of them, I wish there were more.

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