SOULSCREAM: Talking politics…

16 Mar

I’ve never really been into journalism, let alone the politics. Now, I work as a journalist, writing mostly about politics.

When younger, I somehow felt that all this political talk is of no use to anyone, boring…and so on. I suppose I was too young back then to even understand politics, I mean, if you don’t know what people talk about, it doesn’t mean they talk crap.

Now, it’s been a year (if I am not mistaken) that I’ve been involved into this journalism thing. I do like it (hey, off work I get to talk to actors occasionally!), but during the day I mostly have to deal with conflicts, conferences, official statements and such. It is boring. It’s a process that repeats itself most of the time, just with different words.

I am tired of all this crap. I do get to know what’s happening in the world, but all this news have very little value. Good thing is, that it pays somewhat well. All I have to do, is learn to be silent and do what I get paid for…which is hard, when you are a “rebel”.

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